Looking for a thrilling adventure?  Choose your team size for your best escape rooms experience!
#1 Rated FUN Escape Rooms Niagara Falls and Kitchener with 6 unique escape games to choose from!
Can you escape the room in time?

2-8 Players
Standard Escape Room Experience!

8-14 Player Duels
Team vs. Team Challenge
Perfect for Team-building!

15 + Players
Large Group Capable!

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Anything not included here is likely meant to be part of the mystery 😉

Our escape games are unique in that they are not created based on specific themes or storylines, but for the puzzles contained within them.

All escape rooms are neutral in theme in order to appeal to, and be appropriate for, all players.

All escape the room games are unrelated, fun and unique challenges that can be completed in any particular order.

Only 20% of teams manage to solve our games in time... Can you?


You are locked in

Your group has 60 minutes to find its way out of a mysterious room by searching for codes and using objects in strange ways!

Solve Puzzles

Puzzles will enhance logic, critical thinking, ability to work under pressure, communication and team work.

Beat the Clock

Regardless of game format you will have 60 minutes of total game play. Can you solve your way out in time?

Who it's for?

The adventure is very thrilling, but not dangerous at all. It contains no scary or horror elements, requires no physical exertion and is suitable for ages 8 - 100.
Perfect for any group for any occasion!

Only 20% Succeed

All of our games have the same approximate level of difficulty, fun and appeal to all groups and are appropriate for all ages.

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team building adventures!


To be successful, groups must use each player's strengths to the team's advantage in order to accomplish a mutual goal. Escape the room before time runs out!
Can you escape?