Are you a teacher / instructor looking for out of classroom learning activities?

Let your students experience fascinating phenomena in a fun and exciting environment!  Choose Adventure Rooms Canada for your Out of the Classroom Learning Activities.

To solve the puzzles different talents are required.  Everyone must do their part. Individual fighters have no chance.  Students will learn to use logic, critical thinking and teamwork in order to accomplish the task.  There are no horror elements to this game and physical strength is not required.

To be successful, the students must use each player’s strengths to the team’s advantage in order to accomplish a mutual goal.  Ideal team sizes are up to 7 players.

If you have a larger group, we can have 2 or more teams compete in a timed duel for 6 – 14 players, or in a tournament for up to 21 total players (3 teams of 7). Standard game appointments are up to 90 minutes in length, with 60 minutes of game play.  Duels require up to 2 hours for appointments and include 60 minutes of game play, split into 2 rounds of 30 minutes, where both teams play at the same time in different areas, and one 10 minute reset break.  Tournaments are played as 90 minutes of game play (3 x 30 minute rounds, with each team playing 60 minutes total – 2 teams play head to head in each round) and two 10 minute reset breaks. Our tournaments require a total booking time of 2.5 hours.

Each individual team will learn to work together and put their skills to the test in a fun, competitive challenge.

The games may be modified for class needs with advance notice.

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