Join us at 4541 Queen St in Niagara Falls for our 2 exciting adventures:

The Missing Finger

Created Jan 2015

For 2 - 21 Players

All games are unrelated, fun and unique challenges that do not need to be completed in any particular order. All of our games are different from each other.

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Created in Feb 2016

For 2 - 21 Players

Our games are unique in that they are based on the puzzles themselves and not a particular story or theme. They will appeal to all ages and experience levels.

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Please select your number of players:

Standard Games: 2 - 7 Players

Standard game appointments are up to 90 minutes in length, which includes 60 minutes of game play, an introduction and team photo at the end.

Prices range from $20 – $23 + HST per person depending on the number of players.
You may find this information on our Book Now page after selecting game type & number of players.

If you wish to bring 8 players for a single team game, although not recommended by us, please book for 7 players and the 8th member will be covered in person at the time of your appointment. It is advised that groups of 8-14 persons book a duel competition.

Duels: 8 - 14 Players

Duels require up to 2 hours for appointments and include:

A 10 minute introduction, 60 minutes of game play, split into 2 rounds of 30 minutes,where both teams play at the same time in different areas, and one 10 minute reset break. After the first round, participants switch areas and compete to see who gets the furthest or out in the fastest time.

Duel Prices range from $20 – $21 + HST per person depending on the number of players.
You may find this information on our Book Now page after selecting game type & number of players.

Perfect for a fun team building activity!

Tournaments: 15 - 21 Players

Tournaments require a booking time of up to 2.5 hours and include:

A 10 minute introduction, 90 minutes of game play (3 x 30 minute rounds, with each team playing 60 minutes total. 2 teams play head to head in each round, 1 team sits out per round) and two 10 minute reset breaks.

Pricing is $22.60 per player, including HST. Please note that this is already reflective of group pricing.

Our maximum capacity is 24 players per tournament, however we recommend a maximum of 21.

Perfect for a fun team building activity!

More than 21 Players?

Please select one of 2 options:

• Please book consecutive duel or tournament appointments to accommodate your group size OR
• Book a tournament/duel in both The Missing Finger and The Collector Adventures simultaneously – please ensure both are available via our up to date online booking calendars.

I'm unsure of my number of players...

This is no problem as long as the maximum number of participants is not exceeded for your game style.

We recommend that you book the minimum number of players that you expect to attend in each game style. Example for 4-6 guests, please book for 4 people if you are unsure of the total number. If you expect more than 15 players, please always book a tournament. For odd number duels, please book the lowest even numbered duel that will accommodate your group. i.e. 5 vs. 4, please book 4 vs. 4. Please note that the price might increase slightly if the number of participants has diminished.

We do not need to know the final numbers unless you will exceed 8 players in a standard game style booking. In this case, a duel style booking is required.

Have questions prior to booking?

Please see our extensive FAQ page for answers to 90% of your payment, booking and game-related questions.

Please consult our book now page for an up-to-date calendar showing our booking availability for all games and game styles. All available appointments appear as click-able red buttons. All booking takes place online.