Looking for an Exciting Adventure? Choose from 8 Amazingly Unique Escape Rooms…

Original Adventure
You find yourself locked in a strange room handcuffed to a fence - What is going on here?

Can you solve your way out of Canada's 1st 60 minute escape room in time?
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Alternate Adventure
Our 2nd adventure has you locked up again.
Your mission?

Follow the clues to escape in 60 minutes or less, however not everything is as it seems...
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Not quite the evening you were expecting - this gathering starts off a little unexpectedly...

Can you find your way out in 60 minutes?
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Mayor's Office
Rumour has it that this Mayor has some secrets...

Will his one hour lunch break be enough time to find out what he's been up to?
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The Missing
When a missing appendage is literally your key to escape...

Will you find it in time?
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He's got quite the collection and it looks like you were caught in his place.
Uh oh.

Can you make it through his exhibits to freedom before his return?
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You've heard there may be a Speakeasy in the area and decide to check it out.

Be careful, they are prone to police raids, so you better be quick!
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You must find your way in to the Mobster's hideout
and figure out what he is up to and how he continues to escape undetected by the police before he returns.

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