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Original Adventure

The Alternate Adventure

The Mayor's Office

The Missing Finger


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This is a must do in Niagara Falls! The rooms are incredible! We did both Stool Pigeon and The Collector and highly recommend both rooms! As people who have done over 40 escape rooms, this place is one of the best! High quality rooms and puzzles with great immersion! Thank you to the wonderful staff who made our experience even better! We can’t wait to come back and do your other rooms!
Kelly V
Adventure Rooms Canada has by far the BEST escape rooms I have ever been to. Every other escape room company you visit after experiencing Adventure Rooms Canada will be a disappointment. The puzzles are innovative, challenging, and amazingly creative, and they leave you thinking about them for days. I have played all four games in Kitchener, and every time I have been astounded by the sheer detail that is put into every puzzle. They are literally jaw-dropping. The customer service is beyond fantastic: from the moment you walk through the front door, the friendly staff are there to answer all of your questions and generate an excitement for your upcoming adventure. They always deliver an unparalleled escape room experience that makes you want to return the next day to finish off the other rooms. If you are looking for the best escape rooms to play for any event, Adventure Rooms Canada is the place to go. You will not be disappointed.
Julia K.
I cannot express in words as to how much I loved the escape rooms. We were so amazed by the 1st room - “The Missing Finger”, we wanted to try out the second room “The Vault”, and then we couldn’t stop ourselves we finally completed all 7 rooms(Both Kitchener and Niagara) in less than 2 weeks. The staff here at both the locations are amazing.They made sure everything was sanitized before we started. Kudos to the Game Designer. I still can’t believe how you could put this through. I’m just baffled. We are eagerly waiting for the 4th room at Niagara.
Aruna Sindhu
So much fun!!! I knew it would be a good time but we were just blown away. The hosts were super inviting and entertaining! We did one room on Wednesday night and went back for two more Thursday…😂 Just couldnt help ourselves. Everything is put together so wonderfully! Thank you guys😊
Breton Marie
5 star rating