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Original Adventure

The Alternate Adventure

The Mayor's Office

The Missing Finger


The Adventure Rooms are “real life escape room games” – which are awesome group activities.  The basic idea is that the team must solve a variety of puzzles in order to “break free” from an escape room containing locked doors before a 60 minute countdown reaches zero.  To do so, they have to use not brute force, but skill and cunning.

This is a fun and challenging game that requires searching for clues, codes, keys and using objects in strange ways.  Escape games are a great option for group activities for all ages, team building events, and special occasions.

Our escape games are meant to be challenging. Only about 20% of all teams manage to escape in time.  Even unsuccessful teams find the challenge to be rewarding and a great team building adventure!

The price for our in-person experiences are:

  • 2 players for $31 each + tax
  • 3-14 players $27 each + tax
  • 15 or more players in a tournament style game $25 each + tax

All escape room bookings are private experiences for your guests only!

*Our prices are already reflective of “group” pricing as they are group activities.

All escape room appointments require either an online deposit, or payment in full, via Debit Card, Credit Card or Paypal at the time of booking.  This includes Corporate Credit Cards.

At your appointment we can accept Cash, Credit Card and Interac Debit Payments for your remaining balance, which can be split among individual players.

For school group activities, a cheque made out to Adventure Rooms Canada Inc. is acceptable, however an online deposit is required to secure the booking.


*Please see our pricing for our virtual games at:

Book Your Virtual Escape Games Now.

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Please refer to our always accurate online calendar found under Book Now for all available spots.  Bookings take place online.

Please note that we generally do not have cancellations, unless due to weather, very last minute, however these will immediately appear online as available spots.

We have 2 locations for exciting escape rooms in Niagara Falls and Kitchener

All escape room game bookings are private bookings and you will only play with the people that you bring to your appointment.

Cancellation Policy:  This activity is a live-scheduled event.  We are able to accept reschedule requests with a minimum of 24 hours email notice, including for inclement weather, as these weather events are forecast in advance.  No refunds.  Bookings on file awaiting rescheduling do not expire.

Changes to number of players:  Please be advised that you will be required to provide final numbers 24 hours in advance in the case of lower numbers, not requiring multiple games (as booked), to avoid per game cancellation charges or being billed for players who do not arrive.  Additionally, your start time may also require modification if your numbers change.

For virtual games, we recommend booking the fewest players you can expect to attend and we will bill the card on file for any last minute guests for your convenience.

Full payment is required in advance of virtual games.

We recommend that children are 8 years of age or older to play without adults in the escape room, however younger children may play with their families. Regular price applies to all participants aged 6 years and up. Ages 5 and under are free.  This also applies to our Virtual Live Hosted Escape Rooms.

Minors are permitted to play the game without an adult participant in the room, as we are constantly monitoring the games via audio and visual means, provided that an adult has signed our guideline forms for participation.  All of our escape the room games are equally suitable for children and are regularly played by groups of kids that have thoroughly enjoyed their adventure – regardless of escape! 😉  It’s a great choice for things to do with children in the area.

Please note that our Stool Pigeon game is recommended for teens aged 16+ due to game content, including drugs, guns, mafia, etc.

Can I bring an infant into the games?

Certainly. We recommend either a baby carrier seat or swaddle carrier inside the escape room games. Please be advised that there is moderate volumed music playing in the game. There is no charge for the infant unless they end up being the mastermind behind the team’s puzzle solving and escape 😉

Our escape games are unrelated, self-contained challenges. They are fairly equal in terms of levels of difficulty and fun.  They are equally suitable for all ages and groups. All games are booked using separate booking calendars with differing availability on our booking page. They are not required to do in any particular sequence.

Please note that our Stool Pigeon game is recommended for teens aged 16+ due to game content, including drugs, guns, mafia, etc.

Our escape rooms are built to be permanent.  We do not modify or change the existing adventures that we have; rather we build completely new adventures with new names.  If you have played one of our escape games before, that game will be exactly the same in the future as long as it has the same name.

If you are wishing to return to complete the same adventure that you did not “escape” from before, you will start that adventure again from the beginning.  If you wish to experience a brand new adventure with us, please select an adventure with a different name than the ones you have previously played to have a different experience.

Yes, it is possible to hide presents in the escape room, which will be found during the adventure by the person celebrating the birthday, special occasion or wedding.

Just let us know at the time of booking if you wish to use this option.  All items must be received at least one hour prior to your appointment on the day of, to place during set up.  If you have a noon booking, please bring in the evening before your appointment.

Kitchener:  Ground floor at 283 Duke Street West, Kitchener, ON  Unit #102.  Please use the building’s main glass entrance off Duke St. W.  We are the first big red door on the right inside the main lobby.  Advance Reservations are required.

Niagara Falls:  4541 Queen St.  Please use the front entrance.  Advance Reservations are required.  The doors are locked between and during appointments.  We strive to make reception available to you 5 minutes prior to your escape game time.  We recommend you arrive right on time for your appointment booking time.


Yes!  In Kitchener, we have spots immediately beside our building around back by the train tracks, as well as at the end of the building towards Waterloo St. There is also a large parking lot off Breithaupt St in front of our building. 2 hour street parking can be found on Breithaupt St.  There is also a large paid municipal lot on the “other side” of the train tracks along Victoria Street.

In Niagara Falls, street parking is available, both paid and unpaid in the downtown area.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Stagettes, Bachelor Parties, Date Night, Student Learning, Corporate Team-Building and more.

These are great group activities and awesome things to do in Niagara Falls | Kitchener for all ages and occasions.

Our facilities include a lounge-style reception where players can enjoy a quick snack or finger foods if you choose to bring some for your event.  You will have about 10 minutes before the escape game to enjoy while choosing your team name.  We also have free board games while you wait, if you choose to come early.

In Kitchener, we also have a rentable party room that can be booked in 30 minute increments at the time of booking.  Please select the number of time slots you wish to add to your booking.

$15/half hour + HST.  We do not provide food/catering, however you can bring anything you like, except alcohol, as we are non-licensed and family-friendly.

In Niagara, we do not have a party room or food available on site.  Many teams celebrate dinner offsite before or after attending the Adventure Rooms for special occasions.  These are great things to do Niagara Falls for all occasions.

Our escape room games are not physically strenuous, however they and our locations do involve light walking, standing, bending, possible crawling or stairs, and searching. There are no horror or scary elements to the game.  We can accommodate special needs such as no music, and participants who are visually or hearing challenged.  There are generally places to sit within our games for anyone with issues with standing for long periods.  Please see game-specific details on our booking page for any other important items.

Wheelchair accessibility:

Kitchener:  Our building has an alternate entrance on the side that has no steps required to enter, which is easiest to access, otherwise the main building entrance has 3 steps.  Our lobby and party room are accessible.

The Original and Alternate adventures are on the main floor.  Most spaces within those games are accessible, except for a small cubby – but this does not interfere with gameplay.  * Please note for health concerns, the Alternate Adventure uses a strobe light in a well-lit room for a few moments – it is controlled by your team and any affected parties may leave the area while this occurs.

The Mayor’s Office is on the 2nd floor, however we now have a wheelchair ramp located in the rear of the building that allows access.

The Vault is about 75% accessible.

Niagara Falls:  Our building and lobby are accessible, however 2 escape games have small portions that are not accessible.  The Missing Finger is about 75% accessible and The Collector is about 80% accessible, however this game would still allow the team to be together, whereas in The Missing Finger that 25% would separate the team.

Our newer games Moonshine and Stool Pigeon are not accessible in Niagara Falls due to their location.

We have found that once participants understand that the escape rooms are generally well-lit, decent sized spaces that are continuously monitored by us, they feel quite comfortable playing.

When a team is inside the game, everyone is so focused on enjoying the experience and solving puzzles, they tend to forget they are locked in.

We have yet to have any issues in over 8 years of operation. As these are group activities, the other team members in your group also help to relieve any concerns with teamwork and communication.

Please let us know in advance of any concerns/questions.

5 Year Hall Of Fame Winners!

2020/2021 Traveler’s Choice Winners

Repeat Diamond/Platinum Winners

This is a must do in Niagara Falls! The rooms are incredible! We did both Stool Pigeon and The Collector and highly recommend both rooms! As people who have done over 40 escape rooms, this place is one of the best! High quality rooms and puzzles with great immersion! Thank you to the wonderful staff who made our experience even better! We can’t wait to come back and do your other rooms!
Kelly V
Adventure Rooms Canada has by far the BEST escape rooms I have ever been to. Every other escape room company you visit after experiencing Adventure Rooms Canada will be a disappointment. The puzzles are innovative, challenging, and amazingly creative, and they leave you thinking about them for days. I have played all four games in Kitchener, and every time I have been astounded by the sheer detail that is put into every puzzle. They are literally jaw-dropping. The customer service is beyond fantastic: from the moment you walk through the front door, the friendly staff are there to answer all of your questions and generate an excitement for your upcoming adventure. They always deliver an unparalleled escape room experience that makes you want to return the next day to finish off the other rooms. If you are looking for the best escape rooms to play for any event, Adventure Rooms Canada is the place to go. You will not be disappointed.
Julia K.
I cannot express in words as to how much I loved the escape rooms. We were so amazed by the 1st room - “The Missing Finger”, we wanted to try out the second room “The Vault”, and then we couldn’t stop ourselves we finally completed all 7 rooms(Both Kitchener and Niagara) in less than 2 weeks. The staff here at both the locations are amazing.They made sure everything was sanitized before we started. Kudos to the Game Designer. I still can’t believe how you could put this through. I’m just baffled. We are eagerly waiting for the 4th room at Niagara.
Aruna Sindhu
So much fun!!! I knew it would be a good time but we were just blown away. The hosts were super inviting and entertaining! We did one room on Wednesday night and went back for two more Thursday…😂 Just couldnt help ourselves. Everything is put together so wonderfully! Thank you guys😊
Breton Marie
5 star rating