Riddhima |

“★★★★★ Adventure Rooms Canada has one of the most challenging setups that I have experienced. The Kitchener location has 4 rooms and all 4 of them are extremely smart. My most fav is The Mayor’s office & The Vault. I’ve been coming here with friends in a group of 3-6 (3 is extremely challenging & 5 is a good number) and also as a huge group of 25 via a Corporate Event. The Corporate event was well organized where the 25 of us were divided in 5 groups and all 5 did the same room at different times and we had a mini-competition within the 5 groups to see who escaped quicker. They have other board games etc that you can play in the lobby area so you can chill with your friends if you reach before time or are waiting for another group to finish or want to chill after the escape room.

Definitely recommend booking the room ahead of time. I have completed all 4 rooms here but they also have 4 rooms at Niagara Falls! Can’t wait to try them!”